What does the ATLANTIC lot contain?

  • 1 Jar of “Manzanilla” Olives (Marinated with A Mar d’Amunt Sauce)
  • 1 Bottle of Mar d’Amunt Sauce
  • 2 bottles of Pale Ale beer “Es Vedrà”
  • 2 bags of Artisan Potatoes with Sea Salt
  • 2 cans of Chilean Mussels
  • 1 can of low-salt sardines
  • 1 Can of Sardines in olive oil
  • 2 cans of Cockles
  • 2 cans of Natural Clams

Also, remember that…
When you give ATLÁNTICO as a gift, 10% of our profits go towards caring for our oceans.

Known as the Ethiopian Ocean or Great Western Ocean, it was the Greeks who gave it the name Atlantic, in honor of Atlas, a titan who carried the world on his shoulders. The Atlantic is the second largest of the oceans and in its depths it holds many mysteries. For example, did Atlantis really exist?

Mysteries aside, we want you to continue adding stories with your favorite people and around the table is a good place to experience them. With the Atlantic lot you have the perfect excuse to sit with them and enjoy the taste of the sea.


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